The Conscience

It turns out we also have a big conscience for a little company.  We have evolved our ethical and ecological principles so that we operate comfortable in the knowledge that as designers – and as a business – we do as best we can, to be responsible.  We’re certainly not perfect and occasionally we do forget to switch the printer off at night, but we try.

And as people who have worked hard to get where we are, we know the benefit of adopting a positive approach to work and life.  That’s why we were invited to help to develop Sri Lankan awareness about graduate entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education as part of a delegation (led by the British Council) the National Enterprise Week in Sri Lanka.  It’s why we’ve volunteered our time, quite bravely, to helping a local primary school with their Enterprise Week.  170 children are tough clients.

And we’re currently on the lookout for local charities or organisations that we could help.  Whether it’s for a site, graphics – we just want to give something back. Why?  Partly for the warm fuzzy feeling you get for helping people but mainly because, having been on the receiving end of charity, we know the dedication and effort they put in.  We’re in a position to pay it back, so we are doing.

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