Thursday, April 9th, 2009

We’re award winning!

Turbo Lemon Media were announced as March’s Business of the Month, which to us is a big deal. Not just because of the nice monetary prize that comes along with it, and nor for the throng of publicity we can ride on the back of. It’s a big deal because it’s a big slap on the back that we’re getting it right.

The award comes from Northern Lights, which provides support businesses throughout Preston, Lancashire and the Northwest of England. There are a lot of people involved with Northern Lights. Big names and big money too, which is why that big slap on the back so rewarding.

Cheesy Grins and Comedy Cheques

Cheesy Grins and Comedy Cheques

So what have we done to deserve such an award? Besides working ridiculously hard in our design and development, I like to think it’s because we’re tenacious in achieving what we aim to do: producing web and graphics that we’re always incredibly proud of while doggedly retaining the focus to steer Turbo Lemon Media in the right direction.

Winning investment has allowed us to do this. Flirting with publicity has allowed us to do this. Getting involved in the pedagogy of entrepreneurship has allowed us to do this. But up there, trouncing the lot, is that fact we have had our clients’ belief in our vision and the luck to work with the people that people are talking about.

The only disappointment? I had no jokes ready for the comedy- sized cheque

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