Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

Lets face it: there are a lot of articles about Twitter, about business, about Twitter and business and so on.  Were even writing an article on using Twitter but before doing that, we thought wed make it more practical.

Turbo Lemon Media is on a mission to look beyond the sunny confines of Preston, Lancashire to find work.  More specifically, were heading to the Twitterverse.

Simple premise: can we acquire work through using Twitter?

Well be applying the much-touted theory thats out there.   Whether were building followers or  following trends, were hoping to discover the real power of Twitter for SMEs like us.

So, follow Turbo Lemon Media on Twitter and lets see what all the fuss is about!

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Imagine you’re selected to be whisked away to Sri Lanka to represent your company and your university as a graduate entrepreneur.  My first thought: isn’t there a war going on there? (which in November, there was).  My second thought: aren’t wars a bit dangerous? Well, as long as I wasn’t placed in any public places or close to any public or potential targets

After much fretting, to-ing and fro-ing, I decided to do it.  The mission was for the UK British Council delegation (handpicked from Buckinghamshire New University, University of Central Lancashire, University of Durham, Leeds Metropolitan University, Sheffield Hallam University and  University of Plymouth) to help to develop Sri Lankan awareness about graduate entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education as part of the National Enterprise Week in Sri Lanka.

This would involve going to a large conference (scuppering my no public places plan) with lots of important government cabinet ministers (scuppering my public or potential targets plan), as well as presenting Turbo Lemon Media and my own experiences to a few hundred people. Turbo Lemon Nerves.

A rare sight, in trousers and tie.

A rare sight, in trousers and tie.

What not a lot of us knew, was that also as part of this, we were to be partake in ‘Ideators,’ which is loosely the Sri Lankan equivalent of The Apprentice (minus the firing, no pun intended). So having just about gotten over those thoughts of war=dangerous, I had to then deal with having a camera poking around my orange face (courtesy of the crew’s make-up team).  Turbo Orange Face.

Two teams pitched against each other: the brief, to design and make a shoe that would fix the lulling sales of a particular demographic, undertake the market research and then come up with the long term marketing strategy, graphic visuals and financial forecast for it.  Then present it to the board of Sri Lanka’s largest shoe manufacturer, DSI.  In three days. Turbo Lemon Sleep-Deprivation.

Ideators Orange Team

I won’t say much more about it as you can, to the utter horror and embarrassment of my shyer-alter-ego, watch Ideators below.  What I will say is that as well as it being a difficult and tiring experience, it was also quite incredible, learning from the Sri Lankan students and indeed, working with other UK graduates.  I say working – I jumped in as Orange (how apt) leader and, as best I could, let others lead where their strengths allowed them to do so.

An amazing opportunity, an amazing country, an amazing experience with amazing people.  All superfluous language, utterly justified!


Thursday, April 9th, 2009

We’re award winning!

Turbo Lemon Media were announced as March’s Business of the Month, which to us is a big deal. Not just because of the nice monetary prize that comes along with it, and nor for the throng of publicity we can ride on the back of. It’s a big deal because it’s a big slap on the back that we’re getting it right.

The award comes from Northern Lights, which provides support businesses throughout Preston, Lancashire and the Northwest of England. There are a lot of people involved with Northern Lights. Big names and big money too, which is why that big slap on the back so rewarding.

Cheesy Grins and Comedy Cheques

Cheesy Grins and Comedy Cheques

So what have we done to deserve such an award? Besides working ridiculously hard in our design and development, I like to think it’s because we’re tenacious in achieving what we aim to do: producing web and graphics that we’re always incredibly proud of while doggedly retaining the focus to steer Turbo Lemon Media in the right direction.

Winning investment has allowed us to do this. Flirting with publicity has allowed us to do this. Getting involved in the pedagogy of entrepreneurship has allowed us to do this. But up there, trouncing the lot, is that fact we have had our clients’ belief in our vision and the luck to work with the people that people are talking about.

The only disappointment? I had no jokes ready for the comedy- sized cheque

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes, so said Oscar Wilde.

Fame at last?  Excerpt from the magazine

Last month, I was featured in Lancashire Business View as one of the hottest young business talent in the North West. A few things about that: young. Thank you kindly, LBV scribes. I’m thirty and I always talk about how music from the nineties was the best, but if you want to call me young, I’m happy. Business talent, I’ll take that one and run with it.

But back to the point at hand: being included in the feature of this was a concerted PR exercise. I knew I’d been selected for inclusion when staff here at the Media Factory in Preston (where Turbo Lemon Media are based), congratulated me. Well done me. Take a close look.

I’m still trying to work out if not being a ‘man that doesn’t do things the easy way’ means I’m a slacker. I’m also wondering if being Turbon Lemon makes us sound more continental. I’m being picky, but old journalistic habits die hard (old for a young lad of course).

Still all press is good press I’m told.

I was invited to a round table discussion that would form the basis of a follow up article to the Young Uns feature. I accepted, happy to spread the good word of Turbo Lemon Media. At the crack of dawn, I went almost suited and not quite booted to give my tuppence on the issues at hand. Suitably underdressed, we discussed prime attributes required to succeed in business, support mechanisms for young entrepreneurs and I even surprised myself when I went into a well thought out monologue on the importance of intrepreneurship and its vital role in our economy. Here’s how I was transcribed:

Is youth a help or a hindrance in business?
(Tom Stables) Well, I’m 30, so I don’t know if I still qualify as youth but it’s a help because having just graduated in July I am able to use that in my business, my approach to clients and customers.
My already rubbish sense of humour failed to translate to the page. It would also seem I am a bit dim

What is the prime attribute that a young person has to have to succeed in business?
(Tom Stables) I think sometimes people expect the webbie or the geekie to be a bit more less formal, which probably explains why I have appeared a lot less formal today.

Somebody before me talked about the importance of a professional image. In my shirt (ironed I hasten to add), my loose jeans and Converse Chucks, I made light of my appearance. Which in turn, makes me look a bit dim. To be fair, I probably did say a bit more less formal. Oxymoronic! NB: My jeans and Cons didn’t make the cut for the group shot. Thanks Photoshop.

Young Uns. And a badly dressed un.

Do we need to engender, in the schools, a ‘can do’ spirit, so that anybody who has got that drive and inclination to be an entrepreneur and set up their own business has the ethos of ‘Yes, I can do it’?
Here, I delivered some impressive overview on the role of intrepreneurship, which never made it to print. Instead, I look a bit dim

Is Lancashire a good place to be a young person in business?
(Tom Stables) UCLan has built a media factory dedicated to business incubation and for me personally, that was the draw. It’s given me financial support, direction, mentoring and all the advice I could need or want. All that support has kept me in Lancashire. I’ve never thought beyond Preston or Lancashire. It just seemed silly to leave Preston because of that support.
I almost sound like I’m not altogether dim…

(Tom Stables) Well, we project growth but it’s not such a case of relocation as more a case of spreading out so we are in Preston and Manchester and beyond

I’ll be more careful on the next PR push, which will be happening very soon as I’m about to go to air on Sri Lankan TV. Watch this space.

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