Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

2010 has already heralded great new things for Turbo Lemon Media; new site planned, new socks, new opportunities, new pens, new notepads, new staff. Yes, we have a new addition to our team. Meet James. A web graduate, a great guy and a very talented designer. It’s early days but we also suspect  James to be a hell of a dancer.

Having grilled him at interview, we thought it was only fair and just to make his first day really comfortable. We did this by asking him more questions. James, meet the people. People, meet James (whose opinion is his own and not Turbo Lemon’s yet):

What do you hope to get from your internship at Turbo Lemon Media?
Im hoping the internship with Turbo Lemon Media will give me experience of working within an exciting and upcoming design agency, where Ill be given an opportunity to work on interesting projects, which Ill have the opportunity to leave my stamp on.

Pet web design hates?
Websites which use a third party service for their blog; the main reason being that it gives me an unprofessional feeling, but also it kind of frustrates me when Im diverted from a website to another service.

Whats your favourite font ? Why ?
Georgia. Its completely different from the norm of Arial or Helvetica ,whilst at the same time being a smart/clean font.   It’s seeing an increasing online presence, featuring in many modern website designs with impressive results.

What do you/will you bring to Turbo Lemon Towers?
Aside from student debts, a desire to prove my skills within a creative environment, which Ive previously not had the chance to do.

Facebook versus Twitter ?
Well I have use both for completely different reasons, Facebook is used to network with family and friends, where as Twitter is used to network with people Ive never met, who have an interest in the same field of work as myself.

You can follow James on Twitter and see more of his work on his site.

And, being that we’ve shared James’ Q & A, you can have a look at at the  Q&A Lancashire Business View magazine did with us.

2010. It’s exciting!

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

Lets face it: there are a lot of articles about Twitter, about business, about Twitter and business and so on.  Were even writing an article on using Twitter but before doing that, we thought wed make it more practical.

Turbo Lemon Media is on a mission to look beyond the sunny confines of Preston, Lancashire to find work.  More specifically, were heading to the Twitterverse.

Simple premise: can we acquire work through using Twitter?

Well be applying the much-touted theory thats out there.   Whether were building followers or  following trends, were hoping to discover the real power of Twitter for SMEs like us.

So, follow Turbo Lemon Media on Twitter and lets see what all the fuss is about!

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Imagine you’re selected to be whisked away to Sri Lanka to represent your company and your university as a graduate entrepreneur.  My first thought: isn’t there a war going on there? (which in November, there was).  My second thought: aren’t wars a bit dangerous? Well, as long as I wasn’t placed in any public places or close to any public or potential targets

After much fretting, to-ing and fro-ing, I decided to do it.  The mission was for the UK British Council delegation (handpicked from Buckinghamshire New University, University of Central Lancashire, University of Durham, Leeds Metropolitan University, Sheffield Hallam University and  University of Plymouth) to help to develop Sri Lankan awareness about graduate entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education as part of the National Enterprise Week in Sri Lanka.

This would involve going to a large conference (scuppering my no public places plan) with lots of important government cabinet ministers (scuppering my public or potential targets plan), as well as presenting Turbo Lemon Media and my own experiences to a few hundred people. Turbo Lemon Nerves.

A rare sight, in trousers and tie.

A rare sight, in trousers and tie.

What not a lot of us knew, was that also as part of this, we were to be partake in ‘Ideators,’ which is loosely the Sri Lankan equivalent of The Apprentice (minus the firing, no pun intended). So having just about gotten over those thoughts of war=dangerous, I had to then deal with having a camera poking around my orange face (courtesy of the crew’s make-up team).  Turbo Orange Face.

Two teams pitched against each other: the brief, to design and make a shoe that would fix the lulling sales of a particular demographic, undertake the market research and then come up with the long term marketing strategy, graphic visuals and financial forecast for it.  Then present it to the board of Sri Lanka’s largest shoe manufacturer, DSI.  In three days. Turbo Lemon Sleep-Deprivation.

Ideators Orange Team

I won’t say much more about it as you can, to the utter horror and embarrassment of my shyer-alter-ego, watch Ideators below.  What I will say is that as well as it being a difficult and tiring experience, it was also quite incredible, learning from the Sri Lankan students and indeed, working with other UK graduates.  I say working – I jumped in as Orange (how apt) leader and, as best I could, let others lead where their strengths allowed them to do so.

An amazing opportunity, an amazing country, an amazing experience with amazing people.  All superfluous language, utterly justified!


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