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turbo what? turbo lemon media (n.)

  1. a rare combination of creative ability, technical excellence and forward thinking
  2. clever web and graphic designers who love to make your ideas and business succeed


professional logo design, business card, letterhead, compliment slip design and print, social media avatar, domain name,  custom CMS website, hosting, emails and SEO. And that?s just for starters The job lot. Just �1250 (seriously!)

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Don`t just think of us suppliers of creative and innovative solutions in web design, graphic design, words, photography or SEO. Think of us as your creative partner, where from our studio in the £15m Media Factory in Preston, Lancashire, we can help make your ideas, your brand, and your business succeed.

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Twitter for Business: Goodbye Lancashire, Hello Twitterverse

Lets face it: there are a lot of articles about Twitter, about business, about Twitter and business and so on.� Were even writing an article on using Twitter but before doing that, we thought wed make it more practical. Turbo Lemon Media is on a mission to look beyond the sunny confines of Preston, Lancashire to [...]

Posted on Tuesday, 22nd September, 2009

How Much Does a Website Cost?

Q: How Much Does a Website Cost? A: How Much Does a House Cost? Actually, the answer for both of these is, 'it depends.' It's a pertinent and perfectly acceptable question but not one we can ever answer easily. You think we're copping out, we're not. Let's say we told you we could build it [...]

Posted on Monday, 7th September, 2009

Lights, Camera, What? - Turbo Lemon's Adventures in a War Zone

Imagine you're selected to be whisked away to Sri Lanka to represent your company and your university as a graduate entrepreneur.� My first thought: isn't there a war going on there? (which in November, there was).� My second thought: aren't wars a bit dangerous? Well, as long as I wasn't placed in any public places [...]

Posted on Wednesday, 29th July, 2009

Turbo Lem-one: Web and Graphic Designers Come of Age

Don your sparkly hats - its Turbo Lemon's birthday!� And for a one year old, we're not doing too bad: not only are we walking, talking and fully toilet trained, we're winning and being nominated for awards, we're working with brilliant people and we've moved house - twice! �That's not to say it's been an easy [...]

Posted on Friday, 17th July, 2009

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